2020 Web Design Trends

Website Web Design Trends

Every year there are certain design trends that pop-up at the begining of the year and make frequent appearance in the months to come. Some are good, some are bad, and some are a ton of fun. Here are a few of our favorite trends that are sure to make a big splash in this year’s web design trends.

Dark Mode

Dark mode example of website web design
Two Chimps Coffee is an example of a Dark Mode website

More and more apps are giving us a “dark mode” option for our on-screen experience with Facebook being the most recent platform to release a dark mode beta version. This shift in negative-space styling will definitely find it’s place in the web design world, with more hero images and page backgrounds sporting a dark-side-inspired color palette.

Typography Turning-Point

Rise Nation isn’t shy about breaking the text box boundaries on their website

Instead of using crazy fonts and design elements to boost a website’s typography game, we’re seeing an uptick in different orientations being used in conjunction with minimal-style text. It’s a simple yet effective way to really break some basic rules of typography design (we’re just a rebellious crowd) while also making a big design impact. Be on the lookout for sideways, vertical, curved, and flipped text elements in this year’s web design trends.

Overlapping Layers

The overlapping text and images on their homepage is eye-catching and modern

It’s the world between 2D and 3D. 2D design elements are breaking out of their columns and rows and interacting with each other in a 3D way. You’ll see headlines partially covering an image. Or images sneaking past that solid background divider. There will be some boundaries being broken in the newer website designs.


Gradient example of website web design
Awesome example of using gradients in a beautiful, non-intrusive way

Gradients have really been on the design back burner for quite a while now. It’s high time these colors came flying back into our lives! From website buttons to big blocky text – gradients are going to be the color of the year for 2020!

Minimal Menus

Minimal menu example for website web design
Sony Music has a beautifully designed minimal main menu

As bold colors, gradients, and creative hero images take the center stage, website menus will be taking a backseat this year. More website designers are opting for a simpler solution. Where a traditional horizontal menu once graced the top of your webpage, there will instead be more streamlined mobile-menu icons, and other smaller elements in place of a full menu. Since the average website user is becoming intuitive to these types of features, designers will take full advantage of this trend and focus more on graphics and creative call-outs

As we move further and further into 2020, it’s pretty clear at this point that anything is possible. We should always expect the unexpected. But these web design trends are on the horizon, and we’re excited to see where other designers will take them!

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