Helping to Promote Wellness | Timber Dark Launches New Arkwings Website

arkwings website custom design

Today, Timber Dark Design launched the new website for the Arkwings Foundation. Arkwings is a non-profit organization located in Frayser, TN. This positive cause focuses on promoting mental and physical wellness through the healing properties of nature, arts, music, social time, and wholeness. 

Carisa from the Timber Team met the Arkwings executive director, Jana, in what can only be described as mere happenstance. In their meeting, Jana told Carisa about this incredible foundation she works for, and Carisa knew right away that she wanted to help in any way she could. After finding out that the Arkwings website needed a full design overhaul, the Timber Team happily paired up with Jana for the undertaking. Together they rebuilt the website from the ground up.

Making the new site mobile-friendly

There were a few issues with the old website that needed to be addressed first and foremost. For instance, the website was not completely mobile responsive. Not having a mobile-responsive site can be hurting your business big time. According to SEO Hermit, as much as 60% of all online traffic comes from mobile devices. And not only does a mobile-friendly site make it easier for your users to navigate, but it also helps with your SEO as well. Google will rank a website based on it’s mobile-friendliness.

A mobile friendly custom website on a cell phone
Making the new Arkwings website mobile-friendly was a priority.

Branding And Design

Next was the overall design and branding. Every small business and organization can benefit from having a consistent branded look and feel. A website is the perfect place to really drive that point home. For the Arkwings website, we aimed for a look that caters to a wide range of users while still feeling fun, creative, and welcoming.

an example of custom web design by Timber Dark Design
Colors, fonts, and content voice all play a major role in branding.

Functionality & The Right Tools

Lastly, we wanted the new website to have the functionality that Arkwings needs to really tell their story and drive their cause forward. This included having plenty of room to talk about Arkwings and the community they serve. We also created CTAs (Calls To Action) to help drive donations, a full gallery to show off the beautiful grounds and events, and a calendar for upcoming events.

a gallery example of custom web design on a laptop computer
Did you know that Timber also does custom business photography? Contact us to learn more!

Now, the new website is live and Arkwings has a new tool to help them get their story out. Working with Arkwings was a great experience, and we’re very happy and proud of them for all they’ve done and continue to do for the Frayser community! To learn more about this inspiring organization, check out

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