7 Reasons To Stop Using Facebook As Your Business Website

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Are you using Facebook as your business ‘website’? Stop. There’s a better way to do this. Here’s 7 reasons why Facebook shouldn’t be a substitute for your business website.

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1. Keeping your Facebook content fresh takes time and money

Facebook is a platform that needs fresh content in order to be relevant. Think back to the last time you visited another business’s Facebook page only to see their most recent post is from 2 years ago. Customers will be turned-off by a business who doesn’t keep their Facebook page updated. 

Which means you’ll need to post a lot of rich content to your Facebook page in order to appeal to your customers. Coming up with new content strategies takes more time and money than most people realize.

And figuring out how to get your content seen is a whole other ballgame. With facebook’s newest updates and policy changes, as few as 2 percent of your page’s followers are seeing your content. The content that took time and resources for you to create.

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2. You’re not getting the SEO you need

Even though Facebook pages do appear in Google search results, you’re limited on what kind of information can be included. And unlike a website, you’re not able to track or focus on keywords of any kind. Keywords can be vital for a website’s SEO. They help your target audience find your business when they search for services or products that you offer.

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3. It’s harder to track analytics on Facebook

Along with not having SEO control, you also won’t be able to review accurate analytics. Analytics are a useful tool for your website. They can help you see a multitude of things such as who is visiting your site, what keywords they’re using to find your business, and what devices they’re using for their search. 

This information can in turn help you tweak your advertising, designs, and audience focus so you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Relying on Facebook for these things will unfortunately put you way behind your competitors.

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4. Your business information is subpar

Having less control over your business information on Facebook can be more limiting than you initially thought. 

For instance, say a restaurant you own has just rolled out a new menu. You make a Facebook post about it and post some photos of the menus. But that’s really the limit of what you can do. Your customers aren’t getting the full experience of this exciting milestone.

Instead of viewing your menu on a responsive website, they’ll have to zoom in on a cell phone pic someone took of the new menu. Or instead of ordering online from the new menu, they’ll have to send a message on Facebook asking if you do carry-out/delivery and how they can place an order. And you won’t be able to showcase your mouth-watering photos of the new menu dishes on your website. Instead, your customers will have to shift through endless Facebook albums and posts.

Having a website for your business means you’ll be able to have full control over what information is shared, and how it is presented to your customers.

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5. You cannot control your brand

A brand is the face to your business. It’s the first thing a customer sees and it’s how they’ll remember your business. From font choices, colors, content voice, to logo design – it all plays a vital part in your business branding.

As a Facebook business page, you can change out your profile picture and cover photo, but that’s the extent of your brand control. Not to mention Facebook is changing constantly, giving you even less control over how your business is being presented. Having a website for your business gives you total control over your brand.

6. You don’t look professional

Did you know that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a business’s credibility based on their website? Let that sink in for a moment.

That means 75% of your potential customers are already forming an opinion about your business before they even step foot in the door. This is a big reason why having a professional website for your business is an absolute must.

Sending a potential customer to your Facebook instead of a website shows a lack of professionalism and credibility, and it could be costing you more than you realize. Having a website means a business has taken the time and resources to invest in their own business. This shows your customers that you care about your business and it’s credibility, and you want it to succeed.

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7. You’re not reaching everyone

This is something not everyone thinks about. In this day and age, we assume everyone has the same access to Facebook as we do. But this isn’t true. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should stop using Facebook as your business website.

Younger generations are abandoning their Facebook, and there are a great number of people from other age groups who also don’t use Facebook. That’s a massive amount of potential customers that you’re turning away by not having a website. If someone has to login to a social media platform in order to learn more about your business, you’ve lost them as a customer.

Sometimes the allure of saving time and money is enough for businesses to rely on Facebook for their online marketing. But this strategy can be doing more harm than good when it comes to your small business. Having social media is a great addition to your online presence, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on. Using a professionally-built website in conjunction with social media can add a lot of value and credibility to your small business.

Still not sure if getting a website is the right move for your small business? Take a look at our other post about that very thing to learn more. Ready to move forward with a new website? Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

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