Not sure where to start? We’ll help you navigate the web design world.

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Shopping for a website can be confusing, frustrating, and discouraging. Avoid wasting your time and money and own your consultation calls like a freaking boss with a little help from the Timber team.

Your small business has launched and is doing amazing, but people are starting to ask about a website. Uh Oh…

Where do you even begin? How do you find the perfect website team for you? Before you waste a ridiculous amount of time, money, and resources looking for that needle in a haystack, let us help set you on the right path.

Tell me more...

We now offer a special consultation call, the Timber Map.

On this 45 minute personal zoom call, we will go over…


A quick and easy breakdown of the steps involved in a typical website creation project. Knowing how a typical project works will give you some insight into what you specifically need for your business website.


The super important things that should be covered in consultation calls with potential designers. Know exactly what things they should be covering, and what questions you can ask to fill in the gaps.


We will also include other key tips, plus you’ll be getting an insider view into the website creation world. Your call will include a Q&A session so you can ask us anything your little heart desires! About web design.

And a gift just for you

You’ll also get access to our Website Shopping Mobile Guide! Own your consult calls like a freaking boss and have your questions and tips on hand (literally) with our guide on-the-go to website shopping. Includes a full idea list of things to ask!

Deal! Let's do this!Wait...what?

Let’s break it all down

So what the heck is this?

If you’ve ever felt confused, frustrated, or downright annoyed when shopping for the perfect web designer – then the Timber Map is for you. The Timber Map is a personal zoom call between you and us, in which we show you an easy breakdown of the typical steps involved in a web design project process and what you should expect in your consultation calls with potential designers.

What will I end up with at the end of the call?

Our goal at the end of our call is to give you the knowledge and insight you need to confidently make the right website buying choice for you and your business, including what the web design process looks like, and how to handle your consultation calls like a pro. 45 minutes with us, and you’ll feel like the demi god of website shopping!

Does this cost anything?

Our Timber Map calls are a one time investment fee of $99. This covers our 45 minute call (30 minutes for presentation, 15 minutes for Q&As), the Website Shopping mobile guide, and follow up email support for up to 2 weeks (14 days) after our call.  If you think of a question (or 18) after our call that you forgot to ask, no worries! You can email us for the next 14 days with any questions or concerns you need help with and we’ll be there for you.

Why would I pay for something like this?

Searching for the right web designer takes time - lots of it. It’s a vast sea of web platforms, hosting providers, proposals, revision rounds, and more. We don’t want you to get lost and lose sight of your website goals or worse – end up with the wrong web team entirely! So we’re offering this simple yet powerful insight into the website planning world. This will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take charge of your website project and connect with the web team that’s right for you. A small fee now will save you countless hours and dollars later on, trust us.

And why do I need to know this?

We will show you a breakdown of the typical web design project process, which will give you some insight into what goes on behind the curtains – allowing for easier communication and understanding between you and your designer. We’ll also go over what you should expect from a consultation call with potential designers, including what questions to ask to make sure all of your bases are covered. Knowing what goes into the process and how to find the perfect designer for your project will save you both time and money.

What’s the free gift?

Along with having the pleasure of talking to one of our awesome Timber team members and picking their brain, you’ll also have access to our Website Shopping mobile guide! This simple little guide can be easily pulled up on your phone for those on-the-go zoom calls with potential designers, with tips to remember during your calls and a list of questions to ask.

Where can I sign up? What if I need to reschedule?

Take a quick look at our Timber Map scheduler and choose one of our available dates that works best for you! Need to reschedule or cancel? Not a problem – email us at least 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule or refund you. Please note: cancellations that are made after the 24 hour window will not be refunded.

Can I ask questions during the call?

Yes! After the initial presentation, we will have a Q&A session during which you can ask us anything you want! Erm, within reason.. of course 😉

What makes you the expert on this?

Carisa from the Timber team will be your host for your Timber Map call. Carisa has been a digital designer for over the past decade – with experience in print design, web design, desktop publishing, logo and branding, photography, and concept development. Before Timber, she has worked at several other agencies and has seen the ins and outs of the creative business from nearly every angle you can think of. You’re in good hands.

Are you ready to take charge of your website journey?

Yes, absolutely!

On second thought, can you just design my site for me?